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The May of Light

May the light bless those who cannot see and are in the dark

May the light shine through those who are down and take them high

May the light live in the hearts that are filled with joy

May the light purge those who are made of shadows

May your love light your life for all time

May the light bring life beyond death

May the light set you free

May one walk into the light and be born again

May two walk with the light and feel forever love

May three be like the light and be true as one

May the water flow the wind blow the earth stand and the fire burn

May five fingers be stars

May six demons bring our enemies to justice

May seven be the days filled with eternal sunshine


Inspiration Moments

Blood and honey magic or The Divine Beast 

love is a wild animal it has claws and teeth and if you fool around and don’t know what to say or do at the right moment..it bytes to za blood…bytes down to the naked skeleton of the souls and tears your being appart

yeah..i met love and it tasted my blood and soul..my scars are proof i ve met the wilder side of love

I chased her and she led me to the end of the chase with such wonderfully tastefull lies, the most lighted and fruity longings

She led me to the end of my apprenticeship

Where I was going to meet the split scene split chest split soul moment

And I was there lying down naked to the bone, naked to the irreality of matter

Naked to the potentiality of breath

Standing bymyself and she looked deep and calm, blue green eyes cuting like firey ice

She left me

She left me gathering my guts, left me in my inner misery of not belonging to myself and not knowing how to live without belonging

And then there was silence like silence of the lambs after they have been killed and eaten

Satisfaction smiling and walking away like a goddess that she was

She walked into the skyline

Of my life




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